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Nell from South Africa and Jeremy from America. Two fun people got married in Perth under the perfect weather. Nell’s family travelled from Cape Town to attend the wonderful wedding. All of bridesmaid’s dresses were handmade by her mum from home, and they were perfect fit.
The ceremony was at Harold Boas Garden in West Perth. The place is surrounded with beautiful trees and water flows through the landscape. There were plenty of areas for location photos. Nell was so daring, jumping across to the rock in the water and across the water stream to get to some spots. All I could say was be careful and then press the shuttle button.

I love shooting through bushes! Happy couple Jing and Shawn, see you sometimes in Perth.

Outdoor locations in Hong Kong are not easy to scout, especially those are convenient and not too much walking from transportation. Discovery Bay in Hong Kong happens to have some beautiful scenes that meet my needs. It is easy to get there, although there are no private car access to this isolated suburb. But it’s easy enough to drop off by bus and walk a little bit between photo locations.

The best is to start off from the Plaza, where change to gown and make up retouch can be done. Then walk off along the beach for a few shots and up through the lanes near the villages for more photos. There are other locations in Discovery Bay which would need to take bus or hire a driver to get around. Look out for those new places soon.

Location: Discovery Bay
Dress by: Vianei Wedding


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