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In October, I photographed Olivia and Andy’s ceremony at Hong Kong Park. Here are the images taken on their wedding day at Island Shangri-La Hong Kong. Where they had the little family celebration in the Hotel room and getting ready for the reception.

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Early August, I took Angela and Eric to Shing Mun reservoir for an engagement photo session. And two months later, I was the wedding photographer for their big day. A Chinese wedding normally works on a busy schedule. Traditionally, the bride and the groom would start the ceremony a night before the wedding. They would then wake up early to get ready. For the photographer, normally would start the coverage at 7:30 am. A full day runs till 11pm. So for the photographer, it’s not an easy job. Neither it is for Angela and Eric, it was a long restless day. Even a simplified Chinese wedding, there are always tea ceremonies at the Bride’s and Groom’s home. Then travel to the marriage registry, if time is available would bring the newly wedded couple to a short photo session. Lastly to the reception with many group photos and sometimes more tea ceremonies. With all these activities in a Chinese wedding. The couple deserves a huge round of applause.

With the full day wedding run down, I knew Angela and Eric got tire after they finished the group photos at the marriage registry. I’m appreciated that they still went to have some photos taken inside the reception venue. I had a great time being their photographer! Here are some highlights on the wedding day.

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It was a sunny afternoon that gave Olivia and Andy a chance to get some lovely afternoon sunlight in their photos. Their ceremony was held at Hong Kong Park Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry. There were only family members and close friends witnessing the ceremony. We had the pre and post ceremony photo session at Hong Kong Park and also Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. I used as much sunlight as possible before the sun gets blocked behind the buildings. Olivia and Andy got pretty sweaty though. Hope they didn’t mind after seeing the photos.

I’ll be shooting their reception end of Nov. Looking forward to make pretty photos for them again.

Hong Kong park, backlit and lens flare
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Olivia + Andy Wedding

October 9, 2010

olivia & andy at hong kong park

bridal shot angela in kowloon shangri la

To be honest, I’m not a good writer nor a good speakers. But I’ll love to share my thoughts and experience with anyone who cares about wedding photographs. Anyone including couples who are getting married or photographers who are serious about wedding photography.

Here’s a chance for me to do that at Vianei Wedding. My trusted wedding gown vendor who always show support with my work. I’m honored to present a talk at their shop. Here’s the detail with a brief agenda of the talk.

Wedding Photo talk @ Vianei Wedding Hong Kong 30th May 2:00 – 3:30 pm
maximum 10 couples, register at info[at] or call 2369 2069.

The talk will be in two parts.
– Choosing your style
– Choosing locations
– Posing

Wedding Day:
– Planning with the photographer
– Increase photo quality
– sharing my experience

After the talk, there will be Q&A and open discussion. If you feel your wedding photos are one of the most important element of your wedding. Then join a session for free to prepare and find out how to find the right wedding photographer.

In the week of 4-11 April. I’ll be traveling to Perth, Western Australia to work with Chris Kueh. He’s a talented wedding photographer and graphic designer who also loves taking photos under natural light. I’m looking forward to work with him and explore the beautiful city to find amazing locations for engagement, family portrait and children.

For more information, please visit here Hurry and book a session with us to have some fun and get to keep your precious pictures!

Honmi + Mathew Wedding

January 11, 2010

The last wedding of 2009 ended on a fine sunny day. The temperature was perfect for wedding. I arrived a little early to walk around at the location. It was at Sam Yuk Middle School in Sai Kung. This place is quite well known with pretty grass area and because it is out of the town. We don’t get horrible high rise buildings which would affect the pretty scene.

It was only a luncheon ceremony and reception, so it started at around 1pm and finished just before sunset. Since it was a luncheon reception, so everyone felt more like a small gathering with friends and family. The outdoor area allowed the children to have a little fun too.

The most amazing thing on the wedding was the Bride. Of course, as usual the Bride must be amazing, because she’s the focus on the day. But no, not that because she has the amazing gown or she looks pretty. Well, she of course is pretty, but not just that. It is what she did for her wedding. The details were all created by herself, with the help of her friends. All the decorations and ideas were put together beautifully. I thought she works as one of the wedding vendor not until the maid of honor told me it was just her own hobby. Wow…so amazing what she did.

Although the couple was a little shy sometimes, but the day went well. Thanks for the pretty weather and the pretty details. Enjoyed it so much.

Make-up: Eunice Fan (contact her at eunice_makeup[at]
Cake: Cake2
Dress: Annie Lin (Bride’s cousin currently stopped designing. She might be back. So look out!)
Venue: Sam Yuk Middle School Sai Kung (三育書院)

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The TiKin Wedding

December 29, 2009

Well, they call themselves TiKin by merging Bride’s name Tik and Groom’s name Kin together. The Wedding day was an overcast day, but everybody had so much fun. I especially love seeing couples with smiles all the time, kissing and hugging without being shy. And Tik and Kin did just that. So many lovely photos and moment were captured on camera.

I really want to get this post up as I promised Tik to show her more before New Year. So here you go. I hope you enjoy the photos and share your happiness with everyone.

P.S. I really like those photos taken on the bed, well Tik and Kin on the bed.. Really awesome with those fun.

Ceremony: Heritage Baptist Church (學基浸信會)
Reception: Eaton Hotel (逸東酒店)


Tik and Kin

November 21, 2009

A full day wedding photo shot on a cloudy day. It was a very cool day with a sudden drop of temperature from 20+ to 16 degree. Though it didn’t cool down the hot couple and their bridesmaid and groomsmen. Here’s a preview.