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In 2009, I participated in Cathay Pacific Volunteer group with The Qantas Cabin Crew Team to visit Bangkok, Thailand to help whatever we can for the HDF Mercy Centre and the slums in Klong Toey. For more information on what the Mercy Centre do for the community, please visit their website.
After visiting the slum and helping the poor. I felt even deeper on how little things could help them so much. We repainted the fences, put concrete flooring for some houses and created some art works on the wall in the centre. The children and the people from the neighborhood were very thankful and this is something won’t be the same by giving money.
Three years later, I visited the slums again. The paint on the fences have faded, but still in good shape. The surrounding is very much the same even though there were storms and flooding in the past. The major change in the centre is that they closed the AIDS hospice. Read here why.
I spent an hour at the centre, knowing that more children are getting their education. Really grateful for the centre to keep their effort to provide their care to the slum children. It is rewarding to see their beautiful smile and laughers as you walk pass.
Giving effort to visit the centre is a life lesson for myself, and I will do the same whenever I visit Bangkok or even other cities. Travel can be more than just spending time on tourist attractions. :)

Mercy CentreMercy centre entrance
Entrance of the Mercy Centre

happy children in kindergardenhappy children in kindergardenhappy children in kindergarden
Children at kindergarden

children artworkschildren artworks
Children artworks

children drinking cupschildren sleeping areashoes rackcentre surrounding
Centre surrounding

create working opportunity
Community worker, handmaking clothes

centre surroundingcentre surroundingcentre surroundingcentre surroundingcare centreslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhood
Slums surrounding


P.S. I’m a bad writer

To end 2011, I went on a short road trip to New Norcia in Western Australia. The little town is the only monastic town in Australia and has buildings in a Spanish style of architecture. It’s certainly an interesting place for a visit. To get there, I drove through the beautiful Chittering region via Chittering Road. There are many citrus farms and a few vineyards along the way. So It’s worth to stop by and take some photos. Especially the hilly landscape is perfect for panorama photos.

Summer time is when the hays get harvested. So it’s easy to spot hays rolled up on the landscape. With the perfect lighting and scenery, you can always capture great pictures. The day was sunny with some clouds scattered across the sky. It was a perfect day for landscape photography. I always feel plain blue sky is boring on a photo. Clouds add texture and gives an image more dimension when looking at it.

When I got to New Norcia, it was 2pm and so I spent 3 hours to explore the town. I switched to my Mamiya 645 to capture the town on films. So I should post them when I get them processed and scanned. The purpose of this road trip was to capture some astronomy images and create a time lapse short clip of stars. I had to kill 3 hours somewhere, so I drove around the region for other photo opportunities.  With the hilly landscape, I could easily spot group of trees and sheep on the land. They are often picturesque and is impossible to leave the place without taking a shot.

The sky finally gets dark enough to photo astronomy. I realized there is a large space antenna near New Norcia. I knew it would be perfect with it on the foreground with stars exposing behind. However, it’s not for public access and I couldn’t find a better location to capture it from a distance. So I ended up at this open land with a tree as foreground. It wasn’t an easy night photographing astronomy. There were many bugs and mosquitos bothering and the place was pitch black. You have no idea what is around you that could attack you in the wild. That was the downside of being out alone taking astronomy images. The results were awesome though and I’m satisfied with the output. The next location is very likely to be at pinnacles in Jan, 2012. Looking forward to it.

New Norcia Star timelapse from Gary Wong on Vimeo.

In the week of 4-11 April. I’ll be traveling to Perth, Western Australia to work with Chris Kueh. He’s a talented wedding photographer and graphic designer who also loves taking photos under natural light. I’m looking forward to work with him and explore the beautiful city to find amazing locations for engagement, family portrait and children.

For more information, please visit here Hurry and book a session with us to have some fun and get to keep your precious pictures!

Perth refreshing visit

February 7, 2010

It was 2 years ago that I last visited Perth. Every time I go back, there are a few things that I must do. First, go to the beach for a swim and get some sun tan. Second, go to vineyards for wine tasting. Last but not least, eat nice food with buddies. I didn’t take many photos for this trip as most of the time was just relaxing and so, not bother to bring anything out.
Photos were taken while sitting down for yummy food. That’s the time I spent most with my camera.

perth_201001_01Went to Houghton, one of the finest vineyard in Perth. Very relaxing atmosphere with fine food.

perth_201001_02perth_201001_03perth_201001_04This is Deli Chicchi café. One of a kind that sells books, provisions and gifts. Of course they serve yummy and fresh food.