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In 2009, I participated in Cathay Pacific Volunteer group with The Qantas Cabin Crew Team to visit Bangkok, Thailand to help whatever we can for the HDF Mercy Centre and the slums in Klong Toey. For more information on what the Mercy Centre do for the community, please visit their website.
After visiting the slum and helping the poor. I felt even deeper on how little things could help them so much. We repainted the fences, put concrete flooring for some houses and created some art works on the wall in the centre. The children and the people from the neighborhood were very thankful and this is something won’t be the same by giving money.
Three years later, I visited the slums again. The paint on the fences have faded, but still in good shape. The surrounding is very much the same even though there were storms and flooding in the past. The major change in the centre is that they closed the AIDS hospice. Read here why.
I spent an hour at the centre, knowing that more children are getting their education. Really grateful for the centre to keep their effort to provide their care to the slum children. It is rewarding to see their beautiful smile and laughers as you walk pass.
Giving effort to visit the centre is a life lesson for myself, and I will do the same whenever I visit Bangkok or even other cities. Travel can be more than just spending time on tourist attractions. :)

Mercy CentreMercy centre entrance
Entrance of the Mercy Centre

happy children in kindergardenhappy children in kindergardenhappy children in kindergarden
Children at kindergarden

children artworkschildren artworks
Children artworks

children drinking cupschildren sleeping areashoes rackcentre surrounding
Centre surrounding

create working opportunity
Community worker, handmaking clothes

centre surroundingcentre surroundingcentre surroundingcentre surroundingcare centreslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhood
Slums surrounding


P.S. I’m a bad writer

Providing premium services from start to end is the goal for my business. Especially the post wedding work such as fine tuning photos and packaging the final product. I believe going through this process personally is important as I value my clients. So everything from proofing the prints, printing the disc covers, sourcing the packaging materials and wrapping it all were done by my hands. Importantly, I wrote the thank you note and tide it on the box.
To keep things simple for the packaging, I use tissue papers, ribbons and paper box. I stick to my brand color theme yellow and grey and they work really well no matter they are in light or dark tone. All the materials can be found from in Leederville.
I’m still going through the process of finalizing my packaging. Would like to use as much recycled material as possible. Such as putting the disc in a recycled paper pocket instead of a plastic case. I found a range of products from Loktah which will work nicely into my style.

P.S. I think I’m pretty good at tiding the bow. :)

Red Tree Album is here

March 26, 2012

The Red Tree photo album has finally arrived. This is the first ever order from the Red Tree and I had no hesitation to let my client know that I’m ordering them something even I haven’t seen it in person. They trusted me and I trusted Red Tree to provide the highest quality they could deliver. And they did not disappoint me neither the album craftsmanship nor the photo prints. The prints on fuji crystal archive paper came out as what I see from my calibrated screen. The Japanese silk fabric is so pretty with the texture that sets apart from the leather.

For this album, Nicole selected the Tuscan Red fabric which is well suited for her Chinese background. The debossing is minimal to show the simplicity and elegancy of the album. As how I preferred, the album is lay-flat binding with thick pages.

Now that I have seen the actual product from Red Tree, I will order their sample album and swatches soon to let my clients see them in person.

Red Tree photo album - Gary Wong PhotographyRed Tree photo album - Gary Wong PhotographyRed Tree photo album - Gary Wong PhotographyRed Tree photo album - Gary Wong PhotographyRed Tree photo album - Gary Wong PhotographyRed Tree photo album - Gary Wong Photography

I will provide Red Tree albums in 10×10 and 12×12 with minimum of 10 spreads (20 pages). A mini size of the original is also available in 5×5.

To end 2011, I went on a short road trip to New Norcia in Western Australia. The little town is the only monastic town in Australia and has buildings in a Spanish style of architecture. It’s certainly an interesting place for a visit. To get there, I drove through the beautiful Chittering region via Chittering Road. There are many citrus farms and a few vineyards along the way. So It’s worth to stop by and take some photos. Especially the hilly landscape is perfect for panorama photos.

Summer time is when the hays get harvested. So it’s easy to spot hays rolled up on the landscape. With the perfect lighting and scenery, you can always capture great pictures. The day was sunny with some clouds scattered across the sky. It was a perfect day for landscape photography. I always feel plain blue sky is boring on a photo. Clouds add texture and gives an image more dimension when looking at it.

When I got to New Norcia, it was 2pm and so I spent 3 hours to explore the town. I switched to my Mamiya 645 to capture the town on films. So I should post them when I get them processed and scanned. The purpose of this road trip was to capture some astronomy images and create a time lapse short clip of stars. I had to kill 3 hours somewhere, so I drove around the region for other photo opportunities.  With the hilly landscape, I could easily spot group of trees and sheep on the land. They are often picturesque and is impossible to leave the place without taking a shot.

The sky finally gets dark enough to photo astronomy. I realized there is a large space antenna near New Norcia. I knew it would be perfect with it on the foreground with stars exposing behind. However, it’s not for public access and I couldn’t find a better location to capture it from a distance. So I ended up at this open land with a tree as foreground. It wasn’t an easy night photographing astronomy. There were many bugs and mosquitos bothering and the place was pitch black. You have no idea what is around you that could attack you in the wild. That was the downside of being out alone taking astronomy images. The results were awesome though and I’m satisfied with the output. The next location is very likely to be at pinnacles in Jan, 2012. Looking forward to it.

New Norcia Star timelapse from Gary Wong on Vimeo.

Yes, both and are owned by me. I want to separate the two domains, so that my blog domain is to show all my recent works and updates. Whereas, the main site will become a showcase of selective favorites and projects that I have completed or in progress.

If there are any dead links or not found pages, please contact me to resolve them. Thank you!


Living Social and Jump On it offer
Thank you all so much for purchasing the offer on Living Social or Jump On It. I believe this is one of the best offer for my customers to experience. For those who missed it, my promotion for 1 hour portrait session is still available. Please send email for booking.

For my customers who bought the voucher, please contact me as soon as possible to book your session. Remember it is only valid until end of April. Looking forward to meet all of you and have great photos taken for you.

I don’t specialize in animal portrait, but I’ve done a few that I can share some tips on how I do it.

The images below are taken outdoor, so I’ll focus on how I did this session.
Dogs are hard to control as they usually run wildly once they are unleashed. That’s ok, we can start off with some photos capturing them running.
There are two situations; 1) The dog runs parallel with your camera. That is when they run across from left to right or right to left. 2) The dog runs toward or outward from your camera. The difference between the 2 situations is that for 1), the distance between doggie and you is constant whereas 2), the distance changes dramatically.
So the hard part is to capture the doggie in focus! For 1), since the distance is constant, the auto focus on the camera is pretty reliable. Keeping the shutter speed above 1/500 and/or aperture of f2.8 will get you many sharp images. You could also pan the dog and keep the dog within the frame while pressing the shutter. But the panning effect won’t be very noticeable as the shutter speed is too fast. So if you want panning effect. Slower the shutter speed to 1/125. I won’t go into too much detail of panning since I didn’t do that on my session.
For 2), when the dog is sprinting towards you, how can you get sharp images? Basically, unless you have top of the range camera body and lenses. Your auto focus is not capable of getting sharp images. Trust me, I used Nikon D700 and prime lens, but AF didn’t go too well. So what I did was I set manual focus and frame the location that I want to capture the dog and when the doggie runs into that spot, I press the shutter with the continuous mode turned on. So I ended up with at least 2-3 sharp images at aperture f4. With the dog running towards you a few times, you should have at least 10 nice sharp images.
I worked with a prime lens of 85mm. With this focal length, I could include more landscapes into the image. With a lens of 200mm and longer, you could get images of the dog fill up the frame.

After some running session, you and the dog probably needs to get some rest. So now is time to take some still photos. The doggie would spend more time sitting or lying. So lens selection can be anything you like. For me, I would use my 50mm to get some detailed photos on eyes, nose, feet and name badge. Even when the doggie moves a little, you can still manage the distance.
While the doggie is sitting or standing, to get him to look at the camera is also tricky. Dogs are really sensitive with sound, so they will get distracted and look away easily. What I did with my session was to make some strange noise that would keep his attention. This is all up to your creativity, there’s no standard sound that would keep your dog’s attention.

So that’s how I did my session. Not to mention that lighting is always important. I take photos 1-2 hours before sunset, so I don’t get harsh lights and the dog don’t get exhausted too easily. After all, it’s to enjoy the outdoor session.

To be honest, I’m not a good writer nor a good speakers. But I’ll love to share my thoughts and experience with anyone who cares about wedding photographs. Anyone including couples who are getting married or photographers who are serious about wedding photography.

Here’s a chance for me to do that at Vianei Wedding. My trusted wedding gown vendor who always show support with my work. I’m honored to present a talk at their shop. Here’s the detail with a brief agenda of the talk.

Wedding Photo talk @ Vianei Wedding Hong Kong 30th May 2:00 – 3:30 pm
maximum 10 couples, register at info[at] or call 2369 2069.

The talk will be in two parts.
– Choosing your style
– Choosing locations
– Posing

Wedding Day:
– Planning with the photographer
– Increase photo quality
– sharing my experience

After the talk, there will be Q&A and open discussion. If you feel your wedding photos are one of the most important element of your wedding. Then join a session for free to prepare and find out how to find the right wedding photographer.

It’s often that when I’m not shooting weddings, my camera will just sits on my couch sun bathing. I love photograph landscape, but only when the weather is nice which only happens 20 days a year. Obviously, my camera is not sun bathing most of the time. So in 2010, I told myself to bring my camera out more often to just do some street photo shoot. Which you might think it’s easy, but Hong Kong is difficult sometimes. People don’t like cameras pointing at them, unless you are a tourist and of course I don’t look like one. Anyway, I went out with my buddy for some street photos at Temple street. It is a well known night market tourist attraction. You can find cheap clothes, accessories, electronics, many fake items and also tarot. Have a look at this place!

Anything you can find for cheap

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Joey Make-up opening!

March 7, 2010

So with the previous post on the Bridal Make-up photos. Here we have the opening of Joey’s Make-up studio. As most of you might know about the pricey rent in Hong Kong. Most of the photographers, make-up artist, wedding gown vendors can’t afford to hire big spaces. So what we have in Hong Kong are these small size office/studio to suit our needs. They are good enough for make-up trial or meeting with clients.  The importance is the location right at Tsim Sha Tsui, which is one of the well gathered area with many wedding gown vendors, make-up artists and photographers nearby. So it’s a very convenient location for couples to shop for their wedding.

With Joey’s setup, she puts a lot of DIY to decorate her studio. Check them out.

The Bling Bling card holder and photo album!

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