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To be honest, I’m not a good writer nor a good speakers. But I’ll love to share my thoughts and experience with anyone who cares about wedding photographs. Anyone including couples who are getting married or photographers who are serious about wedding photography.

Here’s a chance for me to do that at Vianei Wedding. My trusted wedding gown vendor who always show support with my work. I’m honored to present a talk at their shop. Here’s the detail with a brief agenda of the talk.

Wedding Photo talk @ Vianei Wedding Hong Kong 30th May 2:00 – 3:30 pm
maximum 10 couples, register at info[at] or call 2369 2069.

The talk will be in two parts.
– Choosing your style
– Choosing locations
– Posing

Wedding Day:
– Planning with the photographer
– Increase photo quality
– sharing my experience

After the talk, there will be Q&A and open discussion. If you feel your wedding photos are one of the most important element of your wedding. Then join a session for free to prepare and find out how to find the right wedding photographer.

It was a really humid day in Hong Kong. We know spring is here when it is 99% humidity and I don’t think 100% humidity makes any difference. It was hot, sticky and sweaty. To be honest I hate it so much because I’m a sweaty person and especially I need to go out for photo shoot. But hey I love what I do, and I don’t care what kind of weather it is. As long I have a camera on my hand, I will work hard to find good photos.

With this kind of weather, the photo session made Jess and Jake a bit exhausted. We had to walk around the Soho area in Central for some photo spots. The area is up and down hills, so as soon as we started walking up hills, we were sweating already. Nevertheless, we went to a few locations in Soho. Played with the swings, walk through some old streets and then took a rest at a famous food stall.

This e-session was planned by Jess as a surprise for Jake. Jake came from Perth to Hong Kong for holiday and Jess wanted to get Jake a birthday present. At the end Jess couldn’t keep the secret as Jake found out about me. It was a really a lovely idea and I hope they enjoyed the moment with the e-session.

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Perth still have plenty of sunshine and even burning hot if you stays too long without shades. But I love it so much, because the weather is perfect to go out for some photo shoot. This trip back to Perth gave me a chance to work with my friend Chris to bring this lovely couple out for a photo shoot. The couple got married on the day I arrived and Chris was on the job for their wedding photos. So this session was a post-wedding photos that Chris invited them and here we have the results!

Thanks so much for Mariko and Brad. Bless you all.

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In the week of 4-11 April. I’ll be traveling to Perth, Western Australia to work with Chris Kueh. He’s a talented wedding photographer and graphic designer who also loves taking photos under natural light. I’m looking forward to work with him and explore the beautiful city to find amazing locations for engagement, family portrait and children.

For more information, please visit here Hurry and book a session with us to have some fun and get to keep your precious pictures!

We had some really hot and really cold weather during this winter in Hong Kong. While it is hot, the sky just fogs up and it’ll becomes gray. Anyway, it’s better than when it is cold and humid.

With this shoot, the couple is actually not engaged. They are so in love that they want to take an engagement session. It was really amazing, because they were not shy. A lot of hugging and kissing which normally won’t see in Asian couples. Especially in front of a camera.

So this round, the couple suggested to go Ma Wan Island. Which is an isolated location right next to the Ching Ma Bridge. With this location, I brought them to the quiet Ma Wan Village where soon or later will be reconstructed to new high rise.

Location: Ma Wan (馬灣)
Dress by: Vianei Wedding


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Outdoor locations in Hong Kong are not easy to scout, especially those are convenient and not too much walking from transportation. Discovery Bay in Hong Kong happens to have some beautiful scenes that meet my needs. It is easy to get there, although there are no private car access to this isolated suburb. But it’s easy enough to drop off by bus and walk a little bit between photo locations.

The best is to start off from the Plaza, where change to gown and make up retouch can be done. Then walk off along the beach for a few shots and up through the lanes near the villages for more photos. There are other locations in Discovery Bay which would need to take bus or hire a driver to get around. Look out for those new places soon.

Location: Discovery Bay
Dress by: Vianei Wedding


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This engagement session was taken at Solvang, CA with beautiful weather and warm light. The beautiful couple enjoyed themselves at every stand point we went. The day ended at a vineyard, so amazing.