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Providing premium services from start to end is the goal for my business. Especially the post wedding work such as fine tuning photos and packaging the final product. I believe going through this process personally is important as I value my clients. So everything from proofing the prints, printing the disc covers, sourcing the packaging materials and wrapping it all were done by my hands. Importantly, I wrote the thank you note and tide it on the box.
To keep things simple for the packaging, I use tissue papers, ribbons and paper box. I stick to my brand color theme yellow and grey and they work really well no matter they are in light or dark tone. All the materials can be found from in Leederville.
I’m still going through the process of finalizing my packaging. Would like to use as much recycled material as possible. Such as putting the disc in a recycled paper pocket instead of a plastic case. I found a range of products from Loktah which will work nicely into my style.

P.S. I think I’m pretty good at tiding the bow. :)

Nell from South Africa and Jeremy from America. Two fun people got married in Perth under the perfect weather. Nell’s family travelled from Cape Town to attend the wonderful wedding. All of bridesmaid’s dresses were handmade by her mum from home, and they were perfect fit.
The ceremony was at Harold Boas Garden in West Perth. The place is surrounded with beautiful trees and water flows through the landscape. There were plenty of areas for location photos. Nell was so daring, jumping across to the rock in the water and across the water stream to get to some spots. All I could say was be careful and then press the shuttle button.