November 14, 2011

Sharon on Film

I’m slowly moving some of my portrait works back using films. With my Mamiya AF645 and the large aperture of f1.9 on the 80mm MF lens. The output would be awesome. However, found out that my camera had an issue on focusing! There is a back focusing problem, which means whenever I see it clear in the viewfinder. It’s actually focused a little further than the actual focused point. And the film back has a light leak!!! All of these were found out after I’ve taken a few rolls in Perth and Hong Kong. That’s a total disaster!!!

Although light leaks didn’t bother the result much when shooting indoor. The back focus affected the most. Nearly all frames were out focused. I sent the camera straight to Mamiya Hong Kong to get it repair. Hope it’s problem free now.
These photos were developed by Richard Photo Lab over in L.A. It’s the best lab so far, but I will try some labs in Perth to compare the quality and cost. At least I don’t need to wait too long for results in Perth.

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