Early August, I took Angela and Eric to Shing Mun reservoir for an engagement photo session. And two months later, I was the wedding photographer for their big day. A Chinese wedding normally works on a busy schedule. Traditionally, the bride and the groom would start the ceremony a night before the wedding. They would then wake up early to get ready. For the photographer, normally would start the coverage at 7:30 am. A full day runs till 11pm. So for the photographer, it’s not an easy job. Neither it is for Angela and Eric, it was a long restless day. Even a simplified Chinese wedding, there are always tea ceremonies at the Bride’s and Groom’s home. Then travel to the marriage registry, if time is available would bring the newly wedded couple to a short photo session. Lastly to the reception with many group photos and sometimes more tea ceremonies. With all these activities in a Chinese wedding. The couple deserves a huge round of applause.

With the full day wedding run down, I knew Angela and Eric got tire after they finished the group photos at the marriage registry. I’m appreciated that they still went to have some photos taken inside the reception venue. I had a great time being their photographer! Here are some highlights on the wedding day.

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