It was a really humid day in Hong Kong. We know spring is here when it is 99% humidity and I don’t think 100% humidity makes any difference. It was hot, sticky and sweaty. To be honest I hate it so much because I’m a sweaty person and especially I need to go out for photo shoot. But hey I love what I do, and I don’t care what kind of weather it is. As long I have a camera on my hand, I will work hard to find good photos.

With this kind of weather, the photo session made Jess and Jake a bit exhausted. We had to walk around the Soho area in Central for some photo spots. The area is up and down hills, so as soon as we started walking up hills, we were sweating already. Nevertheless, we went to a few locations in Soho. Played with the swings, walk through some old streets and then took a rest at a famous food stall.

This e-session was planned by Jess as a surprise for Jake. Jake came from Perth to Hong Kong for holiday and Jess wanted to get Jake a birthday present. At the end Jess couldn’t keep the secret as Jake found out about me. It was a really a lovely idea and I hope they enjoyed the moment with the e-session.

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