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It’s often that when I’m not shooting weddings, my camera will just sits on my couch sun bathing. I love photograph landscape, but only when the weather is nice which only happens 20 days a year. Obviously, my camera is not sun bathing most of the time. So in 2010, I told myself to bring my camera out more often to just do some street photo shoot. Which you might think it’s easy, but Hong Kong is difficult sometimes. People don’t like cameras pointing at them, unless you are a tourist and of course I don’t look like one. Anyway, I went out with my buddy for some street photos at Temple street. It is a well known night market tourist attraction. You can find cheap clothes, accessories, electronics, many fake items and also tarot. Have a look at this place!

Anything you can find for cheap

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Joey Make-up opening!

March 7, 2010

So with the previous post on the Bridal Make-up photos. Here we have the opening of Joey’s Make-up studio. As most of you might know about the pricey rent in Hong Kong. Most of the photographers, make-up artist, wedding gown vendors can’t afford to hire big spaces. So what we have in Hong Kong are these small size office/studio to suit our needs. They are good enough for make-up trial or meeting with clients.  The importance is the location right at Tsim Sha Tsui, which is one of the well gathered area with many wedding gown vendors, make-up artists and photographers nearby. So it’s a very convenient location for couples to shop for their wedding.

With Joey’s setup, she puts a lot of DIY to decorate her studio. Check them out.

The Bling Bling card holder and photo album!

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Did a fun job for a Make-up artist Joey Lam. She did like 10 or 12 make-up and hair styling changes in 5 hours. The models were all nice and fun to work with. I setup a simple lighting with 3 strobes: One at top left, one at middle right and one point to the back to lit the background. Photos retouched by Danny Chan, who’s a famous designer in Hong Kong. All dresses are from Vianei Wedding. Joey just started her own make-up shop. More photos on that soon.

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