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In the week of 4-11 April. I’ll be traveling to Perth, Western Australia to work with Chris Kueh. He’s a talented wedding photographer and graphic designer who also loves taking photos under natural light. I’m looking forward to work with him and explore the beautiful city to find amazing locations for engagement, family portrait and children.

For more information, please visit here Hurry and book a session with us to have some fun and get to keep your precious pictures!

A few days after I posted Honmi’s wedding. I received a message from my twitter. It was the owner of Ruffled Blog asking for my permission to reference my photos of Honmi’s wedding. I was so exciting how people all over the world could see my works. Really honored and I will continue with what I love to do.

Perth refreshing visit

February 7, 2010

It was 2 years ago that I last visited Perth. Every time I go back, there are a few things that I must do. First, go to the beach for a swim and get some sun tan. Second, go to vineyards for wine tasting. Last but not least, eat nice food with buddies. I didn’t take many photos for this trip as most of the time was just relaxing and so, not bother to bring anything out.
Photos were taken while sitting down for yummy food. That’s the time I spent most with my camera.

perth_201001_01Went to Houghton, one of the finest vineyard in Perth. Very relaxing atmosphere with fine food.

perth_201001_02perth_201001_03perth_201001_04This is Deli Chicchi café. One of a kind that sells books, provisions and gifts. Of course they serve yummy and fresh food.