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Honmi + Mathew Wedding

January 11, 2010

The last wedding of 2009 ended on a fine sunny day. The temperature was perfect for wedding. I arrived a little early to walk around at the location. It was at Sam Yuk Middle School in Sai Kung. This place is quite well known with pretty grass area and because it is out of the town. We don’t get horrible high rise buildings which would affect the pretty scene.

It was only a luncheon ceremony and reception, so it started at around 1pm and finished just before sunset. Since it was a luncheon reception, so everyone felt more like a small gathering with friends and family. The outdoor area allowed the children to have a little fun too.

The most amazing thing on the wedding was the Bride. Of course, as usual the Bride must be amazing, because she’s the focus on the day. But no, not that because she has the amazing gown or she looks pretty. Well, she of course is pretty, but not just that. It is what she did for her wedding. The details were all created by herself, with the help of her friends. All the decorations and ideas were put together beautifully. I thought she works as one of the wedding vendor not until the maid of honor told me it was just her own hobby. Wow…so amazing what she did.

Although the couple was a little shy sometimes, but the day went well. Thanks for the pretty weather and the pretty details. Enjoyed it so much.

Make-up: Eunice Fan (contact her at eunice_makeup[at]
Cake: Cake2
Dress: Annie Lin (Bride’s cousin currently stopped designing. She might be back. So look out!)
Venue: Sam Yuk Middle School Sai Kung (三育書院)

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We had some really hot and really cold weather during this winter in Hong Kong. While it is hot, the sky just fogs up and it’ll becomes gray. Anyway, it’s better than when it is cold and humid.

With this shoot, the couple is actually not engaged. They are so in love that they want to take an engagement session. It was really amazing, because they were not shy. A lot of hugging and kissing which normally won’t see in Asian couples. Especially in front of a camera.

So this round, the couple suggested to go Ma Wan Island. Which is an isolated location right next to the Ching Ma Bridge. With this location, I brought them to the quiet Ma Wan Village where soon or later will be reconstructed to new high rise.

Location: Ma Wan (馬灣)
Dress by: Vianei Wedding


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