With Kate and Danijel’s wedding coming in August. We decided to go visit her horse Spike at Serpentine and taken the beloved session together. With their wedding in Broome, WA. I can’t wait to be there photograph their wedding and it would be my last wedding job in Australia. I will be relocating back to Hong Kong and step away from the wedding scene for a while. For how long I do not know, but I will continue to photograph beloved sessions, landscape and special projects. I will definitely miss photograph weddings in Australia and one day I will return.

My portfolio website Gary Wong Photography will be updated more often as well as my Facebook page. Please visit and leave comments to keep in touch.

There are many ways to keep your precious wedding photos. The best way I always suggest is hard copies and good quality prints meant to last many years. The main reason for all my wedding packages to include prints is a way I would like to involve the married couple to connect with their families and friends. When they hold on to the prints to share them around is a connection through their emotions. With digital copies, people only looking at the screen and sharing them through the Internet made them less connected.
With an option to invest in the high quality photo albums, the wedding day journey can be told through the beautifully crafted book. These albums are hand crafted flush mount with either leather or fabric cover. They come in 10×10″ or 12×12″ and also 6×6″ mini, optional when ordering with the main album. The photos below can’t justify the quality of the actual album. I would love to show them in person, so contact me by email or send me a message on my facebook page!


September and October is the best season in Perth. Wild flowers and canola fields will bloom starting from north to south of Western Australia. Creating many pretty locations for photo sessions. The weather also gets warmer, allowing us to be more comfortable under the beautiful sunshine.
A short drive from Perth to Chittering only takes 90 minutes. The hilly scenic view is stunning. Along the Chittering hills, there are a few vineyards worth stopping by and plenty of big green fields with pretty backdrop to create the art piece.
Finding new locations outside of Perth is so much more fun than staying within the city. Vaneesa and Michael enjoyed the journey just as much as I did. They also had a chance to explore a bit more outside of Perth.

September is the start of spring in Perth and it is the perfect weather for weather. Often we get pretty sunshine that makes flowers and trees glow even more. Megan and Christopher chosen Belvoir Venue Collection in Upper Swan as the venue for their ceremony and reception. This location is one of the prettiest surrounded with rustic truck and tractor as well as pretty garden.

In 2009, I participated in Cathay Pacific Volunteer group with The Qantas Cabin Crew Team to visit Bangkok, Thailand to help whatever we can for the HDF Mercy Centre and the slums in Klong Toey. For more information on what the Mercy Centre do for the community, please visit their website.
After visiting the slum and helping the poor. I felt even deeper on how little things could help them so much. We repainted the fences, put concrete flooring for some houses and created some art works on the wall in the centre. The children and the people from the neighborhood were very thankful and this is something won’t be the same by giving money.
Three years later, I visited the slums again. The paint on the fences have faded, but still in good shape. The surrounding is very much the same even though there were storms and flooding in the past. The major change in the centre is that they closed the AIDS hospice. Read here why.
I spent an hour at the centre, knowing that more children are getting their education. Really grateful for the centre to keep their effort to provide their care to the slum children. It is rewarding to see their beautiful smile and laughers as you walk pass.
Giving effort to visit the centre is a life lesson for myself, and I will do the same whenever I visit Bangkok or even other cities. Travel can be more than just spending time on tourist attractions. :)

Mercy CentreMercy centre entrance
Entrance of the Mercy Centre

happy children in kindergardenhappy children in kindergardenhappy children in kindergarden
Children at kindergarden

children artworkschildren artworks
Children artworks

children drinking cupschildren sleeping areashoes rackcentre surrounding
Centre surrounding

create working opportunity
Community worker, handmaking clothes

centre surroundingcentre surroundingcentre surroundingcentre surroundingcare centreslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhoodslum neighborhood
Slums surrounding


P.S. I’m a bad writer

A few of my favorite portraits at Ning and Yang’s wedding in Queens Park, East Perth. It was a very sunny winter day and thus created these beautiful images.

Providing premium services from start to end is the goal for my business. Especially the post wedding work such as fine tuning photos and packaging the final product. I believe going through this process personally is important as I value my clients. So everything from proofing the prints, printing the disc covers, sourcing the packaging materials and wrapping it all were done by my hands. Importantly, I wrote the thank you note and tide it on the box.
To keep things simple for the packaging, I use tissue papers, ribbons and paper box. I stick to my brand color theme yellow and grey and they work really well no matter they are in light or dark tone. All the materials can be found from laladesigns.com.au in Leederville.
I’m still going through the process of finalizing my packaging. Would like to use as much recycled material as possible. Such as putting the disc in a recycled paper pocket instead of a plastic case. I found a range of products from Loktah which will work nicely into my style.

P.S. I think I’m pretty good at tiding the bow. :)

Nell from South Africa and Jeremy from America. Two fun people got married in Perth under the perfect weather. Nell’s family travelled from Cape Town to attend the wonderful wedding. All of bridesmaid’s dresses were handmade by her mum from home, and they were perfect fit.
The ceremony was at Harold Boas Garden in West Perth. The place is surrounded with beautiful trees and water flows through the landscape. There were plenty of areas for location photos. Nell was so daring, jumping across to the rock in the water and across the water stream to get to some spots. All I could say was be careful and then press the shuttle button.

Mandurah is less than 2 hours from Perth. With the ceremony located near the water front. The groom and groomsmen cruised to the location in their own boat. I spent the half day capturing the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, the ceremony and on location photos with the couple and their party.

At the end of the day, the after sunset color in the sky matched perfectly with the purple color theme from the girls. The whole day from getting ready, to the ceremony and location photo session. I saw so much joy and laughters from the bridal and groom’s party. I could feel the bond and friendships between each individual. Blesses to Kendel and Jamie and their family and friends.

March 26, 2012

Red Tree Album is here

The Red Tree photo album has finally arrived. This is the first ever order from the Red Tree and I had no hesitation to let my client know that I’m ordering them something even I haven’t seen it in person. They trusted me and I trusted Red Tree to provide the highest quality they could deliver. And they did not disappoint me neither the album craftsmanship nor the photo prints. The prints on fuji crystal archive paper came out as what I see from my calibrated screen. The Japanese silk fabric is so pretty with the texture that sets apart from the leather.

For this album, Nicole selected the Tuscan Red fabric which is well suited for her Chinese background. The debossing is minimal to show the simplicity and elegancy of the album. As how I preferred, the album is lay-flat binding with thick pages.

Now that I have seen the actual product from Red Tree, I will order their sample album and swatches soon to let my clients see them in person.

Red Tree photo album - Gary Wong PhotographyRed Tree photo album - Gary Wong PhotographyRed Tree photo album - Gary Wong PhotographyRed Tree photo album - Gary Wong PhotographyRed Tree photo album - Gary Wong PhotographyRed Tree photo album - Gary Wong Photography

I will provide Red Tree albums in 10×10 and 12×12 with minimum of 10 spreads (20 pages). A mini size of the original is also available in 5×5.